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Addiction has became a GLOBAL PROBLEM now a days, how many youngsters become addicted to liquor and other intoxicating chemicals. Once, if they cross the invisible line in their habit it becomes addiction and even they try to stop they can’t. This kind of addiction spoils their future life as well as this family life totally. But always remember that an alcoholic is not a BAD person or MAD person but he is a SICK person who need attention and help.

Since our inception, PIONEER(one who’s first) REHABILITATION CENTER, (A unit of Esther & Paul Memorial Trust) is located at Puzhal, Redhills, Chennai. (Middle of the City). It was founded by Dr.R.Reuben Paul the 5th son of Esther & Paul, as a culmination of his experience in helping addicts. Dr.Reuben Paul, who himself, had endured the pain of addiction, was treated for and now leading sober life for more than 12 years. Since his treatment for addiction and has been in the social works in various other treatment centers under the guidance of well qualified and well experienced doctors & social workers for which he was Recently awarded Doctorate for helping suffering alcoholic / drug addicts and their families. It is his personal experience, determination & dream to help recovering alcoholics, which drove him to establish “PIONEER REHABILITATION CENTER” with a team of dedicated and well qualified General Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, Nurses and Volunteers. Pioneer rehabilitation center now equipped to offer a range of services. He is a role model to many addicts who were treated by him for the past eleven years, focusing on addiction management, which is essentially an inpatient program, thus the effectiveness of recovery.

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