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Pioneer Rehabilitation center (A unit of Esther & Paul Memorial Trust – Registered) and it is located at Red hills, Chennai. “PIONEER REHABILITATION CENTER” with a team of dedicated and well qualified General Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Workers, Nurses and Volunteers.


  • Ground Floor: Reception, Nurse Station, Administrator, Psychologist, Counsellors Room and Toilets. (Space to Accommodate 20+ beds).
  • Ist Floor : Patients living hall which can accommodate 50+ patients with 5 attached toilets.
  • IInd Floor : Class Room, Kitchen, Staff room and attached toilet.
  • In-house recreational activities.
  • Well equipped clinic.
  • In-built Detox Facility.
  • Nutritious and Hygienic Food.
  • Purified Water.
  • 24X7 CCTV monitoring of all living rooms and offices.
  • Inter com facility in all rooms.


Utilize the treatment is multi-disciplinary approach with the help of a psychiatrist, Physicians, Psychologist, Counsellors, Social workers and Peer Educators.

Proposed treatment programme is as follows:

  • Awareness Class / Audio & Video Included.
  • Group Therapy / Activities.
  • In-House sharing.
  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Detoxification
  • Intensive psychological therapy
  • Follow-up
  • AA / NA Members Sharing.
  • Yoga, Meditation and Physical Exercise.

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