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"Everyone at Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre was very knowledgeable, from the aides to the nurses and therapists, everyone was very helpful. The rooms were always clean. I was made known of the problems I was having due to the consumption of alcohol, by showing a clear plan of where my life was going due to alcohol. If not for Mr. Ruben Paul, I would have not known the true meaning of life. All my life I will strive to show my gratitude by staying sober".


I had the support and comfort of wonderful people at Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre. The amazing team of doctors, nurses, & social workers helped me to counteract the damages of my disease quickly. The regular classes & routine set for each day really helped me see clearly, not just damages the disease had done to me, but also the damages I had caused as a result of my disease. This program helped me recognize these damages, and identify the necessary actions required to amend these damages.


The aftercare program was most important for my rehabilitation and many people do not realize how valuable this program can be. It re-taught me how to reason, think and put together all the thoughts that initially 'scrambled' in my brain during my using period. Following several months of follow-up with this successful therapy, I'm now able to handle the pressures of day to day life and cope with society. I really have only Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre to thank for for my recovery.


"I was a chronic alcoholic, drinking day and night due to (My Excuse) the loss I had in my transport business. With the help of my friend and my wife I was admitted at Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre under the care of Mr. Reuben Paul. Though I did not understand anything about the 12 step program at first, Mr. Reuben personally took much of his time to patiently make me understand the true essence of a programmed life. It’s been 5 years & since then I have always taken time to seek his expert guidance in all my problems. I always remember him saying "life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived"


"I was a multiple user when I was first introduced to Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre. During my treatment I particularly liked the approach Pioneer Rehab personnel had, and their diversity in dealing with what I needed. They quickly identified what needed to be done, beyond the basics, and they strengthened areas which I had not kept strong, making them stronger with the in-house treatment program. Each one of the staff did a tremendous job in their own specialized area!"


I am a chronic alcoholic for more than a decade. I tried lot of ways to stay away from this addiction. My total life has gone to ditch. Alcohol ruined my life. I was just wondering how to stay away from this addiction and lead a happy alcohol free life.

At this stage my family members saw my sufferings and took me to “PIONEER REHABILITATION CENTER” , where I came to know that this is a disease. In Pioneer they made me to realize the impact of alcohol. In the program they gave attention to Physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Especially the founder of Pioneer and Psychologists gave me effective counseling and the therapy classes which was taken by Psychologists were very useful to my alcohol free life.

Now I am staying sober, I am happy with my family without alcohol.


I was in final stage of my alcoholic addiction. Even I was in the condition of losing my life due to alcohol. At this stage I was brought to “Pioneer Rehabilitation center”. First one week to ten days I was angry with my family members for bringing me here, but later I felt this is the right place for me to quit alcohol.

During my stay here I felt that my physical condition was improving well and also had peace of mind. I had faith & trust on Pioneer rehabilitation center”.

The facility in “Pioneer” was excellent and the way they treat the patients are very good.

I thank the founder and Psychologists for saving my life and giving me a new alcohol free life.

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