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"Quality Care” is always the result of careful clinical planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.Earlier, people believed that alcoholism was the symptom of socialism, or, as some believed, a status symbol.After research, alcoholism is termed as a disease / and a mental illness, which totally changes the behavior of a normal person to an addict personality.This disease can be treated and controlled but not cured, like in a diabetic patient.We are giving a plan to control the disease by way of (12 steps), psychological treatment.Our center pioneers the treatment and rehabilitation of those who are suffering from alcohol and other drug related problems.


  • Abstain people from addiction of alcohol and drugs.

  • To cover addicts to undergo both counseling and medical process and enable them to become better and productive persons both in the family and the society.

  • To give awareness about the ill effects behind the addiction of alcohol/drugs.

  • To give families an addiction free environment through the ways of education.

  • To re-construct the patients as new citizens, with fresh memories, thoughts, feeling and experiences.

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